♡ i'm jea and olive bread is my fav bread even though i don't like olives at all. sometimes i draw and make stamps


In a world where wishes are fulfilled as a black-market trade, what would you be willing to sacrifice in exchange for the very thing you’ve ever wanted?

hello all!
after about a year and a half of inner turmoil and debate, i’ve finally decided to start up a webcomic! click on the picture for the smackjeeves link, so hop over to check it out over here, on inverse at smackjeeves.com! i’m really nervous about this, so i hope that whoever decides to check it out enjoys it! i’m aiming for a page a week, and this’ll tickle the fancy of anybody who’s remotely into SCI-FI, OH MY! FANTASY, I SEE! RUNES AND SYMBOLOGY, OH GEE! and changelings and sacrifices are also key to the story!
check it out, all!
pass it around if you’re remotely interested, too! haha!

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